Emanuel Sidea has been working as journalist since 2001.

From 2006 til 2014 I worked as a business reporter for Veckans Affärer, which at the time was Sweden’s largest business weekly magazine. More recently I was the contributing Business Editor (2018-2021) for FOKUS, a current affairs weekly magazine.

I have a strong belief that reporters have to work in the field to do a proper job. Which I’ve done, extensively, by investigating corruption within Swedish teleco Telia in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Nepal; I’ve covered the Arab Spring in Libya and Egypt, reported from Syria, and done reports on commodity rushes in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq and Mongolia. I’ve reported on Swedish companies entering Russia and India, and disclosing Swedish companies involved in illicit businesses in Peru, Montenegro, and so on.

My latest non-fiction book is about the Syrian war. THE MAN FROM HAREM (in Swedish, published 2016) tells the true story about a jihadi smuggler taking foreign fighters to ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Besides writing, I’m a Board member of the Swedish foundation Grävfonden, which funds investigative journalism. I also teach journalism and international reporting at Goteborg University, previously also at Stockholm University.

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