Emanuel Sidea is a journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Emanuel Sidea

I’ve been working as a journalist since September 2001. My first job was at Göteborgsposten, a local newspaper in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During 2006 and 2014 I worked as business reporter for Veckans Affärer (translation: Business Week, no affiliation with US publication), at the time the largest business magazine in Sweden.

As a journalist I have a strong belief that reporters have an obligation to be on the ground and on the move to able to do a proper job. Which I did, extensively.

I’ve done investigations of corruption in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Nepal, covered the Arab Spring in Libya and Egypt, reported from Syria and described commodity rushes in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq and Mongolia, writing about oil thieves in Nigeria and internet ventures in sub-Saharan Africa, following Swedish companies entering Russia and India, and disclosing Swedish companies involved in illicit businesses in Montenegro, and so on…

The topics I find the most interesting tend to involve international business, corruption and sustainability, new ventures and sometimes the financial world.

The Euro crisis is another topic I’ve covered extensively and also wrote a book about. ”Skräck och avsky i Euroland” (translation: “Fear and lothing in Euroland”), was published in 2013 by Natur & Kultur, a major publishing house, and was well received by critics.

My next book is due to be published by Natur & Kultur in September 2015.